Maybe TT could add Lock Screen Pin in Navi like Smartphone

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Good morning Guys,

Since I lost my Navi in a rental car for a month, it is almost impossible to get it back from a dishonest employee, so I have 2 suggestions, 1 is for everyone, and 1 is for TomTom.

1. Please everyone take your Navi when you left your car Everytime!!! It is very important!!! Theft does not care about your window glass, but your Navi. Also when you use your Navi in a rental car, check everything when you return it. If you lost it, contact TomTom customer service and try to block it.

2. For TomTom: I have been thinking for a month, maybe TomTom could add Lock Screen Pin in their Navi, so when theft or some dishonest people take it, they cannot use it. Besides every devices has a unique IMEI number, how about TomTom add a "report lost" in their website and my drive? Users could report their lost and empty device, also TomTom could block their devices with the unique number, this devices has no chance to download and use the map. People who take the devices from illegal way can no longer use it.

I know it is not easy for TomTom, but I believe if TomTom did it, more and more customers will buy it.

Wish you all have a nice day.

Best regards


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    Great idea, I asked that too a while ago. But unfortunately TomTom is not going to do that for unknown for me reasons.