go 5000 has started to shut down as soon as i press "my routes"

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Hi anyone had and resolved an issue with a go 5000 or any other device that shuts down when trying to use the routes saved in "my routes" ? As its not possible to transfer the routes you create and save in my routes to my drive (which is highly annoying as you can save my places but not my routes ?!!), a factory reset will wipe them out for good and down the drain goes all that time spent planning and programming , can any one please tell me of a solution for this problem ? Many thanks in advance if you can :'(


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    HI @Space1999

    Can you please advise the following.

    Is your problem as a result of the European Map getting so big and so is now on your Extra memory card. As a result you cannot get the Routes off because you have to remove the Memory card with the map on.

    Are all or the majority of the routes that you want to transfer within the Uk & ROI or are they throughout Europe.

    Have you a map on the internal memory.


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    How much Free Memory is available on the device
    The absolute bare minimum Free Space is 400MB... The more Free space available the the quicker the device will process the data
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> About... Scroll down to Free space
    Or Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> (?) Icon --> About... Scroll down to Free space