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Can I share or transfer my places from my Rider 550 to my wife’s Rider 550?

IMSIMS Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
I have programmed in every accommodation stop in “my places” on my Rider 550 for an extended tour later this year. Can I transfer them to or share them with my wife’s Rider 550 ? Or do I have to manually enter them on hers as well.

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  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,710
    Hi @IMS

    Beware before you do this as Divorce could follow.

    On the assumption that Riders work as the current Car units do, account wise, then if your Wife has no or very few Favourites (My Places), Poi or Road files on her 550 then it will be easy. If you add her unit to the same account as yours it will sync all your data to hers so both are the same and if necessary you then add her few favourites etc to the account and they will sync to both and be the same..

    To do this you would have to do a factory reset on her unit and set it up again, as you did out of the box, but input your TT account so that it will sync with that .. The downside too this is any Favourites (My Places) , Poi and Route files on her unit will be lost. Any Routes created and saved On the 550 itself will be lost as they will not have synced to her account. You will have to export these latter routes from the unit to retain them.

    One thing to be aware of is if you put them on the same account then if your Good Lady is out on a trip using the 550 and you decide to fiddle around and create and send to your 550 a route via My Drive on you PC, in the My Drive App or do it on on your 550 it will also go to her unit and she will now have a route with a different destination mid trip, possibly to the other end of the country. =)=) . The solution to this is to log out of MyDrive on both your 550's when on the same account and it will not happen but Traffic etc is not effected.

    @YamFazMan is the person to give you a solution to this situation , if there is one, if you want to keep the units on the current you both have a lot of data on your units or how to merge them...

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232
    edited May 2019

    Are the Tomtom devices Owned/Maintained by one Person/Family or individual user's ???

    Mutiple Devices one Account Pro's & Con's

    For the MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner to sync with Multple devices
    All of the devices need to use the same Email and Password
    The MyDrive Web (v2) Route planner will then sync to all the devices either Over The Air or via USB as applicable

    I find it best for the initial syncing to be over USB Cable, the transfer is almost instant, especially large .Ov2 files or large numbers of POI files (I run 107 POI on my devices)
    (1)... You will need your device connected to you PC via a Tomtom USB cable...
    (2)... MyDriveConnect running in the background
    (3)... The MyDriveRoute Planner running, to be able to add whatever data you want to synchronize across you device/s
    (4)... If you have multiple devices you can only connect one device at a time over USB... Each device must be logged into the MyDrive menu on the device with the same Email address and Password that you used for the MyDriveConnect account

    The Menu path to log into MyDrive on the devices.....
    NAV4 devices............ MyDrive Menu path = (....Menu) > Tomtom Services > MyDrive
    NAV5 Wifi devices.... MyDrive Menu path = (....Menu) > Settings > MyDrive
    Note... The only way to change a password on the device is via a Factory Reset

    The MyDriveRoute Planner HERE...

    When transfering Planned routes or Destinations across mutiple devices... Having all of your devices on the same password and email address can give a glitch with the Live and BYOC devices
    See Cut and Paste below from user G**** Sales
    We have 3 Go 5100 devices and just recently we have a problem whereby any selected destination is sent to the other 2 devices and vice versa. Has anyone else come across this and if so how do we get them unlinked??
    End Quote....

    If you prefer the single global account across the three devices where the user only has to load the POI’s/Favorites once to the single global Cloud Account
    There is a workaround try..... Logging out of MyDrive on all of the devices
    When you need to sync the route file... Log back into MyDrive on the device/s you wish to sync the data
    I use this method with five devices... After all, you only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address

    But If your not happy logging in/out of MyDrive on 6000's and you wish to use the 6000's, you will need to set up a MyDrive account with different Email and password for each device... the downside is you will need to set up and maintain multiple MyDrive Online Route Planner accounts for any MyPlaces, POI's and Routes you wish to sync to the individual devices

    I maintain three NAV4 devices GO 5000, Start 60, Rider 400 and two NAV5 (Wifi) GO 520, 620 by simply logging in/out of MyDrive
    I use a single password across all the devices... You only need to enter the password, the device remembers the email address
    Most of the time on the individual devices I am out logged of MyDrive and only log in to sync data as required, then log out again

    Note..... Logging out of MyDrive on the device does not stop the device receiving Tomtom Traffic and live services info The above does not work in the USA the Live Traffic system is different to UK/Europe

  • IMSIMS Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks for the responses, I cannot believe it’s now so complicated. This used to be so simple on our previous Riders, whilst touring, put in the next days destination, add a few waypoints along the way, save it then blue tooth it to my wife’s simple. Why on earth have tomtom done away with this facility! Oh and before you ask why we have changed, our previous Riders (serial numbers K4......) despite only being 3 years old, couldn’t cope with the WNRO issue.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232

    The Rider 4/5xx will give you direct access to a small buffer/transfer area of the Rider 400 Main Memory... You can also access your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop your .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 400 Memory buffer/transfer area or the Micro SD Memory card over a secure system
    NavCore Version 15.302
    Released on 3 July 2015
    This update applies to the Rider 40/400
    With the "Easy route upload"... You can connect your TomTom Rider to your PC using a USB cable, then drag and drop your route files directly to and from your device’s memory using a file explorer program.....

    (1)... Connect Your device via USB and this screen appears on the Rider 400
    (2)... Tap the Import route Icon and the Rider 400 connects to the secure "Easy route upload"
    (3)... On your PC filing system you should see "Tomtom Rider 400" where you can drag and drop your route files directly into the Rider 400 main memory or the Micro SD Card
    (4)... If you haven't got a Memory card installed it only shows the Rider 400 Main memory
    (5)... Drag & drop your route files to the device or the Memory card
    (6)... When your done tap "Done"
    7b1aa1e6-2953-49e8-be7c-2158437bca5c.jpgYou can also use a Micro SD Card as a transfer medium

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232

    The Rider 4/5xx will give you access Using a Micro SD Card...
    The example is transferring a Route to Device but you can transfer both ways

    To transfer a route to your NAV4 device using a Micro SD Memory Card.....
    Format you memory card on your PC to FAT32 format
    Copy you .GPX or .ITN route file to your Memory Card

    My GO 5000 showing no routes installed...
    (It's The same method for my Rider 400 & 550)

    Insert the SD Memory card into the Card Slot the device will recognise the Memory Card.....

    Routes Transferred.....

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232

    If you already have lots of MyPlaces....
    Many users have asked for the facility to backup their MyPlaces to a PC
    The MyDrive Route planner allows you to download your data from the Tomtom Cloud
    The file looks like unusable Gobbledegook, the MyPlaces can be found in the file
    Click on image to enlarge....

    User Ethoz....
    Posted a link to a excellent Tomtom MyPlaces to .Ov2 POI file converter tool

    There's a Mac & PC version ....

    Download and install TomtomPOI.exe from the above link
    Note... I have Virus checked the file with Avast Anti Virus all OK
    Run TomtomPOI

    Ist Click on Open...
    Find/Load the (Your user name goes here)_MyDrive.json.gz file Saved from the Tomtom MyDrive Web Route planner
    2nd Click on Copy
    3rd Click on Yes
    4th Click on Yes
    5th Click on Save
    Name the .Ov2 file & Save to the PC Desktop

  • IMSIMS Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks again for your reply, just one further question: whilst touring on our bikes we obviously don’t take our laptop with us, can we transfer routes and my places (destinations) to each other’s devices by micro SD without connecting to a laptop?
  • ChrisHallChrisHall Posts: 256 [Exalted Navigator]
    Rider does not allow sharing routes over a bluetooth connection, only tracks.
    I don't believe there is a way to export a route to the microSD card either.

    TomTom have ignored all requests by owners for this feature, just as they have ignored the request to reverse a route, or easily start a route part-way through or add a waypoint to a route and have the waypoints in a sensible order or solve the hoarse voice over bluetooth. No, what TomTom said we all needed was to be able to preview a route, and read SMS text messages (Every time I ride I have at least 50 text messages that I MUST read - Not!)

    I use MyRoute-App to do all my planning - on the road I can plan or replan a route on my smartphone or tablet, save the route to a microSD and load it into as many Rider units as required. (Not mentioning of course the superbly thought-out and designed slot for the microSD card - this must have taken months of mock-ups and prototyping to ensure it was that difficult!)
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232
    IMS wrote: »
    Thanks again for your reply, just one further question: whilst touring on our bikes we obviously don’t take our laptop with us, can we transfer routes and my places (destinations) to each other’s devices by micro SD without connecting to a laptop?


  • IMSIMS Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks to all for replies, sadly I’m with Chris, having bought two Rider 550s to replace our old ones which couldn’t cope with the WNRO issue, apart from the ability to update via WiFi it’s been disappointment after disappointment after disappointment.

    No option to share via Bluetooth
    The only way I’ve successfully shared routes is by fiddling about with micro SD cards.
    On the device I can only type in destination, to add waypoints I now have to fiddle about trying to find them on map.
    No option to reverse routes.
    If I decide to use motorway one day now need to go back into settings and change it instead of being an option.
    Thrill seems to mean send you through centre of town with traffic lights, junctions, minimum speed limits... hardly thrilling!
    It seems TomTom now expect motorcyclists to lug around laptops or tablets or as a minimum have a smartphone AND have an internet connection wherever they go and use MyDrive.
    The whole route v track gpx or itn thing also seems an unnecessary complication, I don’t want to be stuck in front of a laptop transferring files, downloading them, transferring them to microSD card then sharing and uploading.
    I used to be able to do everything sat on my motorcycle, type in a destination, type in a few waypoints, view it on the map, Bluetooth it to my wife’s satnav and off we go!
  • IMSIMS Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks Doug, hadn’t tried selecting ride then adding waypoint afterwards. This did allow me to use search rather than finding waypoint on map.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,232
    @IMS _
    IMS wrote: »
    Thanks Doug, hadn’t tried selecting ride then adding waypoint afterwards. This did allow me to use search rather than finding waypoint on map.
    The Same applies to the MyDrive Web Route planner
    Plan Start --> Destination --> Then add any Stops


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,710
    Hi @IMS

    Re the Reverse Route option this is an option in MyDrive. It is not possible in the IOS MyDrive app on my phone so may not work on an iPad but it may be possible in the Android phone because it is available on a 7" tablet I have and the Android App handles Routes in ways the IOS app cannot.

    The reverse option is not possible on the Car units.

    Glad to be a little help with waypoints.

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