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do all smartphones act as wifi hotspots?


  • DougLap
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    HI @mikesang.

    No. You will have to look in Settings to turn it on as a Hotspot if it can do it.

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    Yes, but you need to turn it on. How to do this depends on your phone....
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    Also be aware that some cariers will not allow hotspot capability. I am using Le French Mobile in France and whilst it is a resell of Orange there is no Hotspot capability. Disabled. Hence I need both a LFM SIM card in my phone AND a separate LFM SIM card in my WiFi modem for hotspot use by iPads, computers etc.
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    You don't necessarily need to enable the personal hotspot. The data connection is via Bluetooth PAN and that often does not require the hotspot be turned on in the phone. I do not have it turned on and it works just fine. Perhaps it's a regional and/or carrier and/or phone model specific thing.