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Go 52 or VIA 53?

I'm not certain what I have, but so far I'm not liking this product. First, it doesn't connect to any PC that I own. I can only update it via WiFi and there are customized voices that I'd like to install.

MyDrive doesn't seem to work and the "we're working on it" messages from TomTom have been showing this for a week.

Can this GO52/VIA53 work with MyDrive/TomTomHome?

Are there humans working @ TomTom?

Can I install custom voices in this product?

How can I interact with it VIA PC?

I've been trying to chat or call, but the "contact us" page is "not found" and the RoboChat is only that and insists on giving me information I don't need.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,161
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    Hi @Ursan

    The GO52 is capable of updating itself when connected to a Wifi Source and even if the Wifi source is slow you can connect it to a PC but it shows the Splash screen saying do it the easy way. In fact at that point if you stay connected but ignore the PC which is only being used as an internet connection and use the menu options on the GO 52 to do the updates.

    You only need the MyDrive Connect software on the PC if your Wifi is slow or not available or if you have some more major issues that causes the GO52 not to work. ie you need to Recover the unit.

    It may be possible to add some custom voices on the unit. If some voices you want are not listed in Voices in Settings then contact Customer Support and ask them for the voices which if available for your unit will be added to your account and you get offered them on the unit the same way you get offered updates.

    Customer Support details here


    The same applies if you have a Via53.

  • UrsanUrsan Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I just got off the phone with TomTom. (thank you for the number info Doug) and they just confirmed that NO new devices can have custom voices or vehicle icons.

    This is rather disappointing and is the main reason I chose TomTom over the other GPS options out there. Including my phone which does voices and custom icons readily.

    Now I need to look into returning this for a refund.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 6,161
    Hi @Ursan

    Sorry to hear you cannot get the voices you wanted.

    Your comment that you cannot add vehicle Icons is quite correct but the suggestion that No new devices can have custom voices is not totally correct . See here for one that seems a popular addition.


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