tomtom start 62 dead

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Hi all...

I have a big problem with my new Start62.. after upgrading maps and sw three days ago (voice and other), yesterday I want to testing it on the road...

after 30 minutes, It turn off and its dead...

doesn't restart... also with 30 second power button down



  • DougLap
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    HI @h3llb0y

    Have you got an Apple or similar phone charger that has an output of 5v and 1.2A that you can use to charge the unit for at least 2 hours with the cable connected directly to the Start 62.not via the cradle..

    Have you tried connecting the Cable directly to the Start 62 to see if it then will boot up thereby checking there is not. fault with the cradle.

    Charging via a USB socket is not enough to run and carge the uniy=t at the same time as it is only about 0.5A. So when using it ensure you are using the original cig charger and cable..

    You could also try a different cable to see if there is a charging problem with the one you are using.

  • h3llb0y
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    Hi Doug..

    thanks for answer...

    yes I try different cable after test it and tomtom don't charge its battery.

    connected to pc, with adapter for AC but no signal from GPS