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I saw an old post here that has the same problem as me and I have sent a message to the then Moderator in case he/she can do the same for me - however it is an older post so I'm not sure if that Moderator is still around and in case not here is the message in the hope that someone can also help me - thank you


I have a problem with my Go 600 whereby I can no longer use it all. I am forced to have the European maps when I never drive outside of the UK and now the maps are too large for me to update the device. The only other thing on the device is the one voice and some expired speed camera updates. I saw an old post here at


where another user had the same issue and you were able to swap them to a UK only map? Would it be possible for you to do that for me?

I currently have no map at all as the device has somehow removed it during a reset and I have tried installing a new 32gb SD card and the device endlessly tries to format it and always fails. This is despite me formatting it on the computer first.

I am now unable to get past the screen that just says No Maps Available so cannot even access settings. The satnav is fully charged up and has already been reset on a number of occasions.

thank you


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    Either try a smaller 8GB or 16GB would be enough, or give a call to TT Customer Services and they should be able to assign a small map (UK only).
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    Hi @blue26

    Firstly you should be able to fit a Micro SD Class 10 memory card to your unit which will be big enough for the Europe map. 8gb is a bit samll as for example the Full European map is now nearly 9gb. No doubt if you fitted an 8gb card you could get a European map on it but for how long base on the continuation of updates..

    Regarding not being able to Format it just for info when you have fornmatted it in the PC have you done a full Format and not a Quick format and did you Format it to Fat32. If the latter then what make of card is it. I would recommend Sandisk, Samsung or similar Major Maker and obtained from a Reliable source to avoid fakes. It has been known for some lesser known makes to fail to work in Tomtom units and others have suffered from fakes.

    We can ask @VikramK whether he will add a UK and ROI map to your account as you wish but I am not sure whether this will come with the same lifetime updates as you get with your European map. It will be beneficial for you to have a map that fits on the GO600's internal memory as should you have a problem with the Card and the map on it, say during an update you could finish again with no maps on the TT because the system deletes the old map before it installs the new one. Fitting a small map on the internal memory helps avoid this situation and has been the reason some have been allocated a map as you can still start the TT and then reinstall the failed map...

    Here is a video to cover the No Map situation and hopefully if a map is allocated you can load that on the internal memory.


    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for the answers. I'm just checking in from otherwise busy stuff. I looked for an 8gb or 16gb sd card local to me and none anyway just online. So reserved another new 32gb SanDisk card at Argos and will try that. I'll work thru the suggested answers when I get home but if there is any chance of swapping this unenecearry and unwanted map of the whole of Europe for just the UK it would make my day. Thank you.
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    I am really pleased to now confirm my device has been resolved. I decided to phone in as I was hoping to use it tomorrow.
    Thanks for the replies.