Built in Renault Scenic Carminat Blank after attempting to Install GPS Update Software

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Apologies if asked several times already, I just can't seem to get this fixed. Following the recent updates to TomTom Carminat software, requiring my Renault Scenic Carminat to have software updated I have an issue.
I attempted to download the required software from the TomTom app, and initially when inserting the SD card back into the built in Carminat device, the egg timer appeared, disappeared, and now the screen is totally blank.
Attempting to update the software again I get an error "An error has occurred" when attempting to update the Carminat software on the SD card.
It appears to point to the UK and Republic of Ireland info/map.
Any issues as currently without the SatNav and the time on the screen, which is also irriatating.
Many thanks,