Can u transfer favourites and poi's from old unit to new unit?

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My old 5150 gave up the ghost and will no longer update or function at all, bought a 6250 but have no idea if I can copy all my favourites and poi's to the new 6250? Any info would be appreciated


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    Hi @Qbitts

    If you add the new 6250 to the same account as the 5150 was on then the data , which should be visible in your account if you go to the Tomtom MyDrive website, will sync across to your new unit.

    As your old unit has stopped working then you will not have the following possible problem but it is wort h noting for the future. Should you add another working unit to the same account be aware that if you create a route in MyDrive on the PC or in a MyDrive Phone App and send it to your device it will go to both even if the other unit is in the middle of a route . Suddenly the person using the other unit will be redirected to the new route. The solution to this is to log out of MyDrive on the units unless updating etc. This has no detrimental effect on the Traffic data etc.

    if you have created a different Account for the new unit then to change it to the old account then do a Reset Device in Settings/System and you can now enter the old account details.