SD card & GO 6200

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I am considering buying a tomtom go 6200 and will need to download additional maps for USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Will I need to purchase an SD card to provide the necessary space and if so will a 32Gig card be sufficient.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @pepe_dog10

    Assuming you have Europe as your other map then you will need a micro S D class 10 card to load the USA.

    32gb is the maximum size you can fit to a Tomtom and is both ideal and means you can load many other maps that are available as well.

    As a Tip load a very small map onto the unit as well as this will auto fit on the internal memory. Leave it there untouched as it will ensure if you have problems when updating you have a map available to ensure unit will boot up.