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Rayman123Rayman123 Posts: 28 [Outstanding Explorer]
Hi all,

Previous active member when the TomTom Multisport first came out and whilst owning a Garmin I've treated myself to a Spark Cardio+Music to allow me to listen to some tunes whilst marathon training/racing.

Couple of questions for those in the know -

1. Uploaded some tunes on to my watch and it was great used with my Aftershockz headphones. The music I loaded was from iTunes Podcasts however looking to load up tunes from elsewhere to allow me to get a longer compilation session loaded (3 hrs). Apart from iTunes where else can you load up music it possible to download some from YouTube or other options?

2. For those that have tried longer runs what is your experience of battery life. I plan to run marathon next week around 3hrs 10 mins and just want to ensure I don't run out of battery. I'd plan to have the watch in race mode to pace me during race, music being played and heart rate sensory on. Will the watch full charged last this time with all 3 switched on or should I switch heart rate monitor off (if that uses a lot of battery).

Thanks all.


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,691
    You cannot use most downloaded content unless it is DRM free. Basically you need to own the tracks, either by purchasing them or ripping off CDs. Podcasts are generally fine. Battery life is rated for around 5 hours for GPS/HR/Music, 9 for GPS/HR, 11 for GPS only, 2 weeks for watch only (that includes pause time as the sensors are still on - so if during a 2-hour activity you had 30 minutes of pause it was 2:30 of battery life, not just the 2 hours it was recording for). Those of course are estimates and best-case scenario and are impacted by usage (using backlight, switching screens, etc.) and environmental conditions (overcast skies, tree cover, tall buildings, etc.). If you have night mode or the backlight on that is going to impact it greatly. I have found that they are accurate estimates and my usage and testing has matched them on new devices but the battery life drops pretty rapidly.

    If you just got the watch I would take care with your buying decision considering TomTom left the wearables business 18 months ago and is just selling out their inventory. All production and development has stopped and there will be no new features or changes to the existing features in the future. There is no longer support by email or phone and replacement straps are near impossible to find. If you are able, you may want to consider returning the device and going with another brand that is active in the sports watch market and intends to continue producing and supporting devices.
  • Rayman123Rayman123 Posts: 28 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi tfarabaugh, when I first got my Multisport a good few years ago it was indeed your self that assisted with questions at that point...……………...good to see you are still around.

    That's a shame about TomTom taking a step back, as the watches were actually pretty good - I would have hoped when they pulled out of the market they would have at least provided enough accessory replacements for marketplace such as straps.

    With regards your stats on battery life - you combination you didn't mention was if I use race mode with music (no HR). I'm not that fussed with the HR stats and the race mode and music would be most essential - do you know what the battery stats for how long race mode and music only would last?

  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,691
    Race mode will not take too much of a hit on battery as it is not running nay extra sensors, it is just updating the screen more. You are probably looking at 7 hours fro GPS/Music but that will really depend on the watch itself and how strong the battery is, hoe much interference there is, etc.
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