SIM Card swappable?

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Is it possible to swap SIM cards between devices or is each SIM tied to each device? I have a 5200 but the SIM is broken so I'm not getting any of the Live traffic (unless connected by Wifi). Someone who has a broken 5000 has said I can have the SIM from it.

Question is ... will the SIM from the 5000 work in the 6200?


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    Hi @bal

    I would do a Factory reset on the unit. to see if this restores the sim again. If not then a call to customer services to get them to check the settings at their end could be beneficial.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device.

    This will delete all your data ie favourites(MyPlaces, and any POI and Route files you have added via MyDrive. When you have completed the reset then the Data should be restored back to the unit from your account. If you open the MyDrive website page and log in to your account you should see any MyPlaces, Poi's and route files you have in your unit. The only data you will lose is any routes that you created on the GO 5200 as these do not sync back to your account. If they are Routes you have recorded on the unit then you can copy these to a Micro SD class 10 card from the GO5200..


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    Hi all


    To complete the information previously given, look at this FAQ and this video:

    Without improvements contact TomTom customer service to see if what can be done. Maybe your device is still under manufacturer's warranty?

    You don't give your country of residence in your user profile, look in this topic: