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When is the next map update

I have the latest camper sat nav and wondered if anyone knew when the next map update is due please?Seemscages since the last one.


  • xwintechxwintech Posts: 79 [Supreme Navigator]
    If there is a map update, you will definitely know about it. But if you want, you can join TomTom MapShare, which includes fixes of maps, you can choose to get them only fixes approved by TomTom or get fixes from everybody. Hope this helps.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,195 Superuser
    Hi @Ovalball03

    I would think judging by when the last map update was issued, ie 26th February, and that they issue new ones about every 3 moths we can't be far away from the next one. Interestly we had an update for one of the special POI files that come with the unit the other day. First one of those I have seen.

    Re the information previously posted here. As you like me know there is no option to differentiate on what mapshare data you receive that went out years ago.

  • xwintechxwintech Posts: 79 [Supreme Navigator]
    Hi, @DougLap !
    I agree with you with the last reply to my post, but MapShare is still a good thing so....
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 4,195 Superuser
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    HI @xwintech

    So why did you suggest there were Mapshare options when you agree with my post that says there is no such option.

    Also with a handful of exceptions, who are Tomtom employees, the rest of the contributors on this site are usually customers who are seeking answers or are trying to provide answers.

  • xwintechxwintech Posts: 79 [Supreme Navigator]
    Actually sorry, I didn't get you right. MapShare is still available and working for NAV3 devices.
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    Normally Tomtom issue new maps every 3 months....
    Feb, May, Aug and Nov
    The latest Map version is currently the v1025 Feb edition

    MapShare is a different, its an ongoing updating procedure based on reported & verified new roads etc....

    Note... Shortly after the launch of the NAV4 devices, Tomtom changed the MapShare policy for the NAV4 devices to only allowing Tomtom verified MapShare reports to be synced/updated/installed

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