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Dear TomTom developers,

I'm a school bus driver and I'm really enjoy using my TomTom 620 Pro but there is a thing that it would make the user experience and route customization much better.

You would need to modify MyDrive software on Pc/iphone and add an option to modify any recorded route without having the software changing the recorded route accordingly with its only two auto-suggestions in edit mode.

Basically you would need to add an "As Is" option tab in edit mode after "Fastest" and "Thrill" options tabs, that will keep the route/s intact and ready for changes.

This would be very handy especially to keep some recorded off roads trip sections which otherwise would get wiped out and re-routed to known roads by TomTom maps and so dramatically change the original recorded route/s.

I hope and I really believe the above mod is doable and I hope to see it in the next update.

PS: I tried to post this request on the email us page on the beta site because when I clicked continue button nothing happened and the case wasn't in the cases list


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    When you load an existing journey into the MyDrive Web Route planner to be modified + You wish to retain the original route... Rename the modified route before saving it back to the MDC Route planner eg... Worcester to Liverpool becomes Worcester to Liverpool 2