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Hi to all,
Just making a couple of points to wonder if anyone else has the same problem. I live in Estepona on the Costa del sol in Southern Spain and purchased a go 6200 in Febuary I think it was. I have been using the devise even when I know where I am going because of the traffic info which I have to say is very good. 2 points 1, I dont know who works out the routes but sometimes I am driving and I think this is not the fastest route. 2, Most of the time the traffic connects pretty quickly but a few times I have been driving for about 20 to 25 minutes before the traffic connects. A few days ago I drove for about 25 klmts then the traffic connected and the route bar was showing slow moving traffic by which time I was already sitting in the traffic.


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    Hi @cbrfireblade

    Not that I have never heard of it before. But if it happens on a very rare occasion then it could be related to some outage.

    But if you notice this more often then I would suggest that you do a factory reset and log in again(TomTom Service on the device)

    In case you still notice this is happening on a more frequent basis then I would suggest that you report this to the customer service with more information like the setting for route planning, start and the end point of your route, time of your travel.

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    hi everyone. I have got the same problem from long time ago. I mean with the traffic and road works. in all UK , I could see traffic only that I had been marked some point on the map as favourite places. For instance: I am living in south part and can see traffic and road works - give or take- 50 per cent around in my area from 150 miles MAX. North part absolutely nothing . I mean the map is looking UHD clean ,without a small traffic, road works etc. ZERO. Even when I am zooming top on some town. Second, I know where the road is close in my area and has got a road works - again NOTHING. I can not see anything. When I reported I got an answer that need to reset my device and perhaps soft reset. I did both them and the result is - NOTHING. I did 3 times.
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    Yes the Tomtom PND's do have a Traffic Horizon dynamically centred (Live) from your present location...
    The Traffic Horizon (Bubble) follows along with you as you travel on your journey

    If you want World Live Traffic see the MyDrive Web Route planner
    There's also an option to turn-on and view the live Traffic flow

    Or the Tomtom MyDrive Phone App