Can I have a conversation with someone? I am desperately trying to upgade to a Western European Map

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I just cannot make the device take a new map. anyone out ther who can advise me?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Michael_marefield

    According to your Profile you have a GO50 which will only have 8GB of internal memory which will not take a European Map as that is nearly 9gb in size.

    In order to load the map on your unit you need a Minimum of 16gb or Maximum of 32gb of extra memory. The cards required are Micro SD Class 10 memory cards and it is suggested you get Sandisk, Samsung or similar major makers, some of the lesser known makes have been known not to work, and get it from a reliable source to avoid possible fakes.

    If you have an old European map on the unit and want to replace it with a new one you cannot delete the old map to give you space for the new one if it is small enough to fit on the internal memory. You should keep about 400mb of free memory on the internal memory for operational purposes.

    Could this explain your problem if not can you provide us with some more information on what you have tried to do and what messages you get as a result.