Twice the same destination in one route

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Hi my name is Fabian, new to the forum.

Driving a coach sinds 2018

Ofter I have to drive routes where is have to pass the same destination multiple times. I like to make the complete route before I start driving.

What I noticed is when I have to go from a to b to c and back to b etc..

It only passes destination b once.

How can I solve this?

Inimagine more people should have encountered this problem?



  • YamFazMan
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    Are you planning the journey direct on the device or using the MyDrive Web Route planner

    Is the return journey a reverse of the outward journey

  • Fabianvdtouringcar
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    I use the mydrive app, and there everything goes wel, however as soon as i send the route to the 6250 it passes each point only once.

    Same problem if I create it on the web route planner.
  • YamFazMan
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    What about taking different approach....
    Instead of planning a routes... Create a Personal .Ov2 POI Category for each Journey

    You can still use the MyRoute App... But you MUST use the Save As option to save the POI Category as a Tomtom .Ov2 file
    The Idea is to create your Stops as POI Locations, If you give the POI 'Stop' a name for the locations... You could use some naming system like like the suggestion below
    While you are planning your route in the MyRoute App, if you edit the names of your POI's so they each POI has a unique name (Say "01stop", "02stop", "03stop" etc ... then the last on as "##End" the ## being the last Stop number) I just add the “01stop” "02stop", "03stop" etc…as a prefix to the Name offered by the MyRoute App
    After you have planned your route and you are happy with the result go to the 'Save As' --> .Ov2 (POI) Menu' --> Follow the on-screen instructions and save the .Ov2 file to your desktop
    install the Personal .Ov2 POI Category using the MyDrive Web Route planner...
    Then navigate from POI to POI or from your present Location to a POI and Back and Forward between your PO's with your Tomtom planning the routes between the POI's

    Mabe useful....
    You can show the individual POIs of a POI category on the search screen as a list
    You can search for an individual POI within a POI category and show the individual POIs of a POI category on the search screen Map

    For example... I have loaded the 3rd party POI's for the National Trust... To show the POI's for "National Trust" on the map, work your way down to option (2)

    From the main screen
    Tap (....)4Dot Icon (Screen Bottom left)
    Swipe left or Tap the mid/right edge of the screen to go to and tap the MyPlaces Icon
    Scroll down and select the required POI Category For example "National Trust"
    You now have three options
    The Main search area turns blue and "National Trust" is offered with a flashing cursor
    Continue typing the name of the required "National Trust" site, Type dud(maston) (Or as much of the word that's required for Dudmaston Hall appear at the top of the National trust list
    Tap on Dudmaston Hall and select the Drive Icon

    You also have two further options.....
    After the initial "National Trust" POI selection
    There's a dual Icon (screen bottom right) with Three Lines and Two circles

    (1)..... Tap the three Lines Icon (bottom right screen) and a scrollable list will appear of the "National Trust" sites in distance order

    (2)...... Tap the Two circle Icon for the "National Trust" sites POI's to appear on the screen (Pinch zoom for detail) (Note..... On the Start range its easier to tap the plus and minus buttons to zoom the map screen)
    as far as I'm aware it will show the nearest 60ish POI's around your location

    There is also a Keyboard Icon (screen bottom right) to return to the search window from the options (1) and (2)

    The POI Icons are generic and dynamic the Icons change with the zoom level

    You can of course tap one of the generic Icons to open a quick menu
    With the name of the POI... The option to Drive there
    Plus a 3Dot Quick Menu Icon with further options