Inconsistent traffic reporting in MyDrive web interface

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I tried planning a route (about 10 minutes ago), and the route summary's reporting no delay - despite the route on the map clearly showing a fairly major one.

No great drama, but just thought it was worth pointing out.



  • VikramK
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    Hi @dmulv

    Thanks for bringing this up..

    It's worth something to be reviewed by our team

    Could you share the time(approx), start location and the destination here or if you could send it to me through a private message that will be fine as well..

    Vikram :)
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    @dmulv @VikramK

    I have seen and experienced this many times since I became a Tomtom user back in 2016 which was reported in detail to Customer Services.

    With vagaries such as this makes planning a journey a mockery and MyDrive cannot be relied on for planning purposes - this last occurred to me yesterday morning as I was planning to go into Essex and MyDrive (web) said there was no delays............, yet I could see that that there was a major incident on the M25 with traffic delays (as confirmed by reference to other traffic reporting sources including Traffic England) for approx 5 miles which was "not being reflected" in the overall journey time.

    However I also found that the traffic delays reported on the web MyDrive are not consistent with the delays reported on our devices..............

    In addition one of my latest irritations is that Traffic delays can be present and they are shown on the device, but often there is "NO" Minutes delay associated with the actual delay. i.e. it can say "stationary Traffic for 1 mile" but shows Nil for any time delay; so the device will not divert around the "actual Traffic delay" which could be say 15 minutes (as reported on the MYDrive map interface).

    I did write into Customer Services back in 2016 when I first became a TT user on this actual subject and although I kept on asking for updates for up to a year later eventually my question got erased "unanswered". :'(

    Earlier this year I experimented plotting routes using MyDrive (web based) near to where my sister lives as they had multiple roadworks to detect a gas leak which was causing all the local roads to be gridlocked all day. So I could plot a route nearby and force Mydrive to route along these traffic delays then send the "stops" to my device and compare the route times.

    I found that if I plot a route starting 'greater than' 3-5 miles away from the traffic delay that although the device will indicate on the map there is traffic it shows "no associated minutes delay".............................

    But recalculating the route starting from say 3 miles away all the delays on the device are correctly shown with the same delay minutes as seen on MyDrive.

    Also "clearing the route" will enable the correct minutes of traffic delays to be shown on the device map, but what use is that?? We need the actual traffic delays to be recognised on the device route!!

    This seems to be a very serious and fundamental navigation error and goes some way to explains why enroute to my sisters and other destinations my arrival times have been so erratic often delayed by 15 minutes or more of previously unexplained traffic delays!