unable to update map on Go5000

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unable to update map on Go5000 due to lack of memory space, i have already deleted everything possible, it appears that even if the device was totally empty it would not have enough memory space for latest Europe/UK map, I really only need UK map but no option also from what I can see this map needs to be on the device and not SD card so there is no way I am able to update this. Really frustrated as this was supposed to be lifetime updates. Can anyone help.


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    Hi @NickGo

    Like you I have a GO5000.

    The European map is now too big to fit on the internal memory. If you get a Micro SD Class 10 memory card, 16gb minimum or 32gb maximum, Sandisk, Samsung or similar major make from a reliable source to avoid fakes.

    You insert the Card and when asked you request it to be formatted for maps. Should you not be asked then go into Settings/System and select Format the memory card.

    Once you have installed the card then go into MyDrive Connect and update your GO5000. Firstly if there is a software update do that first then do the map with the last update being any Mapshare . The internal memory on your unit is 8gb and the European map is as large as 8.9gb.

    The map does not have to be on the internal memory for it to work. However you may have seen comments about having a map on the internal memory. This is purely to reduce the risk of finishing up with no map available on your unit. It is possible that there may be a problem during an update and as once the new map is downloaded to the PC the old map is then deleted and the new map is then loaded where the old one was or if there is not enough room onto the extra memory card.

    Once you have added the extra memory and updated the European map which will now be on the extra memory then you should contact Customer Support and ask them if they would allocate a small map to your account. Which map does not matter, I have Venezuela as only 29mb, this will load on the internal memory easily and you just leave it there untouched. Now your unit will have a map to enable it to start up should you have a problem with the Extra memory card and the map on it.

    Go for it.