Which Version TomTom GPS Watch Do We Have ??

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Hi - My wife & I both have TomTom GPS watches - I want to buy some additional straps but I can't remember which versions we have -- My serial number is: HR4456G-***** & hers is:HN2395G-*****

(my one is fine, but her one is starting to split around the cutouts - Will this be under warranty ? it's just about a year old but i don't think i can find the receipt - However I'm sure TomTom will be able to see when it was registered & the account set up)


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    HN is a Spark, HR is a Spark 3. they both use the same strap, all units in the Spark/Runner lineup (Spark, Spark 3, Runner2, Runner3 and Adventurer) are identical and all the straps are interchangeable. The only straps that will not fit are the ones for the original Runner1 and MultiSport.

    The problem you will face is that the strap warranty is only 6 months and TT Sports went of business and ceased all production over 18 months ago so there is very little strap inventory left. Your only option is look online (Amazon or eBay primarily) and see what you can find.

    This is a user forum so to get answers from TT directly (by the way, without a receipt you cannot get warranty coverage) choose Contact Us at the bottom of this page, select the service required and the product name and click Contact Customer Care and then Chat (there is no longer email or phone support available for watches).