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Hi . I have a tomtom 6100 and the GPRS has been inactive. You want to convince me that the SIM
It is defective and I think it is that you have disconnected me by losing the guarantee for the past time,
I have used it 10 times as much in these 3 years and has always been at home.
I feel cheated. And my opinion if you do not give me a solution about this product that I liked a lot.
It will not be good

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    Hi. I have already contacted them and they tell me that the warranty has expired and therefore that I bought a new one.
    For me they are informal, they have disconnected the SIM card so they force me to buy a new one, because they tell me that it can not be repaired because the guarantee has expired. !!!!! that has to see one thing with the other !!! INCREDIBLE !!!!
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    Now I show you what happened to me a few hours ago:

    Dear Mr. Abilio

    Thank you for contacting TomTom Technical Support.
    The reference number of your question is 190429-004031.

    I understand your situation perfectly, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    But as I told you in the previous post your device is not repairable for exceeding three years of warranty.

    We appreciate your understanding,


    Mawadda A,
    Abilio Martínez Fuster, 05/09/2019 11:21 PM
    Hi. Well, the answer you give me does not convince me from superiors,
    I think that what they pretend is to force me to buy another browser, something that
    I will not do it, because I have used it 10 times if I have arrived and I have had it in
    home all the time.
    As you can see in the file that I have sent you, it is not a problem to repair
    the sim but activate it from the central and as it was not used by the browser and
    the guarantee and vencia is a way of swindling me.
    If I see that with the passage of the days you do not solve it to me. You will have one
    bad criticism of me in all forums because I find it embarrassing that you give me
    this solution.
    No more thank you that you have answered me and your Mawandda I do not
    responsible for what happened.
    A greeting. of a damaged Abilio.

    The sea., May 7 2019 at 10:36, TomTom Support Team (<
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    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> About... Scroll down to 'Data Connection' is it showing USB ??? & GPRS Status as Dosconnected

    Is your device connected to your PC using the USB Lead and is MyDrive Connect running... If 'Yes' ... The USB Connection takes priority over the GPRS (SIM)

    Unplug the USB Lead for the PC cancel the sleep countdown if possible Connect to a Mains USB charger see if the GPRS Status reports as Connected

    Also... The NAV4 and Latest (NAV5 WiFi) devices are quite power hungry and can go into "Power saving mode" if not supplied with enough power

    When the device is In use they are designed to be always connected to a power supply
    The Tomtom supplied Power Adapter is rated at 5Volts 1.2Amps
    Even after you have recharged the device externally via a mains charger, when in use in the vehicle, they will still require being connected to a Tomtom supplied Power Adapter (Or a proven suitable 3rd party Power adapter)

    (1)... Do NOT attach them to a dashboard USB port in your vehicle as they normally only supply 500mAmp (0.5Amp) and are for data transfer and not supplying power: See... Note (1) & (2)

    (2)... Using a NONE Tomtom 3rd party underpowered or a mismatched cigarette lighter charger can cause the device to go into Power Saving Mode: See... Note (1)

    (3)... On the Models with a built-in SIM, the reduction of power to the SIM can cause the dropping of the traffic info: Note (3)

    Note (1)... At an (Undisclosed) percentage of battery discharge, the device will try to save its power requirements by dimming the screen and eventually powers off the device... Devices with a built-in SIM Card may also lose Live Traffic services
    Note (2)... A dashboard USB port can also fool a NAV4 Device into entering 'Updating Mode' and display the Connected to your Computer splash screen
    Note (3)... I tried connecting my Tomtom GO 6200 to my Cars USB port, checked the connection status it reports 'Connected over USB' --> 'GPRS (SIM) Disconnected'

    As a test...
    Try using the Tomtom supplied cable and Tomtom supplied Power Adapter

    The Charger Adaptor and USB Cable supplied by Tomtom WILL run and charge the device at the same time

    Many 3rd party Mismatched Charger Adaptors won't run and charge the device at the same time
    See... It's not simply a power thing.....