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My GPS dont read the postcode what can i do to sorted that?

thank you


  • DougLap
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    Hi @HenriqueMelo

    If you unit is one of the recent issue of the Start 42 then it only has the Search method Step by Step on it whereas other Tomtom units also have an option called Quick Search. Because the Step by Step is the only option on a Start 42 then you can have problems with UK postcodes because it also need s the name of the road as well. If this is the problem then there is no solution on the unit. Quick search does not have the problem.

    One option you could consider is to download the Mapcode App to your Phone as that identifes the postcodes and you can then move the Mao around to get. precise spot and then get a Mapcode for it. You can then put the Mapcode in like you would a Postcode as Mapcode work on Tomtom unit and not any other makes. The map codes are accurate enough to differentiate the difference between parking bays in a car park. If you put DH.FXwhere you would type a postcode in and accept the first answer you will be directed to the middle gate at Buck House. Map codes work worldwide.