In MyDrive can you delete the starting location of a route

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I have one route that I created in MyDrive, it syncs to my GO 510 but when I click on it on the GO I get the error "No Route Possible ". To investigate this I am trying to delete the first stop which is a National Forest campsite on an unpaved road in the middle of nowhere (it is the only stop on the route that is not a standard address). But when I try to delete that stop it doesn't actually go - the cursor just circles for over half an hour (before I cancelled it) doing nothing. I have ensured that "unpaved roads" is turned off but I still feel this may be the problem with the route but how do I get rid of it ?


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    Hi @Lindsey23

    You should be able too. Try this in MyDrive, select the route does it open and show on the map.

    Now hit Edit Route then where you see the various stops below them there is an + add. Click that then create a road position near the campsite. Now at the end of the entry you have just made you should see an up and down arrow. click and hold on the arrows and move it to above the Campsite. The route on the map should now change to reflect this addition. Now try to delete the Campsite.