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Huge battery consumption due to MyDrive Connect

El_ProwlerEl_Prowler Posts: 37 [Legendary Explorer]

Since I installed MyDrive Connect (v2.6.0) on my Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android v9), I have a huge consumption of battery, DUE TO MyDrive Connect, up to 10% or more of the total consumption, even if ;
- the application is NOT used (for days or even weeks !), and the battery otimiser system of Android desactivates MyDrive Connect,
- the application is forced to be off,
- without Bluetooth activation,
Currently, my phone indicates 12% of consumption (for 11 hours since last battery charge) due to MyDrive, with ZERO minute as active : there is absolutely NO reason for such a battery consumption, due to ONE application that is not even used !


  • El_ProwlerEl_Prowler Posts: 37 [Legendary Explorer]
    Sorry, it is in fact the "MyDrive" application for Android that has this trouble, not the software "MyDrive Connect" for PC ;)
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