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No heartrate on my watch

bglaarhoven_un37bglaarhoven_un37 Posts: 2 [New Traveler]
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I'do see a pulse on my watch (and my heart is actually fully functional :) ), however it's not shown as a number on the watch (the heart icon is pulsating).
I do have a multisports with a tomtom sensorbelt, to be sure i did change the battery of the sensor, but no luck.

Can you tell me how to solve this issue?


  • bglaarhoven_un37bglaarhoven_un37 Posts: 2 [New Traveler]
    Solved thanks to the support desk of TomTom.
    The solution was a "Hard Reset", which i have done myself before, however they guide me trough thr "right"procedure....

    You have to disconnect the watch from your Phone before the reset....
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