6200 fais on all updates maps and cameras

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Hi all
i thought i was quite tech savvy when it came to sat navs but im stumped on the latest 6200
ive had 8 sat navs now since the very beginning of tom tom but this time i need advise.

ive not actually used the 6200 yet as i do not do many long journeys but it would be nice to get it working for when i do need it. the only reason for updating device was due to my 930 not being supported anymore.
since buying this 6200 before christmas it has always shown a fail to update on screen (pic attached) after each download of map updates and speed camera updates. i tried the cyprus map add on and that worked but for anything in the updates & new items menu it always says it fails but the item is actually removed from the update page so could this be a false positive of it actually loading fine but falsely saying it failed.

ive gone through the usual support pages. the strangest being the drop down asking to pick the two letters of the serial number which is ZA (pic attached) but not actually being on the list.
do i need a factory reset to try again
just for info i have 60mbps wifi speed
32gb micro sd 10 formatted and installed

so any advise would be greatly appreciated.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @MrDJ

    If that was happening to me I would do a full factory restore and start again. This will not affect any maps you may have on the unit but it will delete all your Data, ie favourites, added poi and route files. These should all be saved in your account and visible if you log in to your account on the MyDrive website, not to be confused with Mydrive Connect software.

    Tap Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap System
    Tap Reset Device

    You will now be able to set the unit up again with your Wifi details and TT account.

    When you have finished that go to Settings. and Maps and see if you can now download the map you want.

    You could check how much free memory you have by clicking on the ? in the blue circle and scroll down. It maybe, depending on what maps you already have on the unit , not have enough space for the one you want. If so you need to add a Micro SD Class 10 memory card either 16gb or Max32 then you go to System and Format the card for Maps.

    Hope that helps


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    Hi Doug
    thank you for the quick reply.

    will give a reset a go then. thanks.
    as i mentioned, i already have a 32gb card installed with free internal 4.3gb and card 30.84gb so plenty of room.
    europe map is showing released 1/2019 and i have as far as i can remember updated since then so its not updating to device.

    another thing, i have done a few local routes when i first got the 6200 and those were saved on the devise but there is no backup showing on my drive.
    oh well time to wipe.
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    HI @MrDJ

    My apologise I did not think to mention that routes created on your unit do not sync back to the MyDrive website and also cannot be downloaded to a Micro Sd card to be passed on.

    There are 2 types of routes which are are .gpx and .itn files. If you create a route in MyDrive, save it there and then sync to you unit thy are .gpx and they are Tracks. Tracks will be followed exactly by the TT unit irrespective of the Traffic info and if you miss a Stop on the route or deviate form the route will continually try to direct you back to it. The only way you can get it to ignore a Stop is to go to Curent Route and select ignore next stop.

    If you create a route on the GO6200 it accepts the stops but it will take notice of Traffic and rearrange the route but will seek to go to each Stop (waypoint).

    Sorry if this omission has not caused you any problem.

  • MrDJ
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    no worries Doug.
    ive done a reset and will just wait now until next map or camera update to see if it accepts it.
    i dont do many journeys so it will be lucky if i use 2 or 3 times a year so simple for me to just type in postcode for routes each time.
    i bought the 930 especially for the american maps but sadly not got to go since i had the older 910 so hopefully i will get to use this one in america.
    i also have a bmw built in sat nav but its a bit pants compared to previous tom toms.

    couple more questions while im here.
    once an update has completed be it installed or failed where do i find the info in the memory to show the update info and date installed. thats one way i suppose i could check if it actually fully installed or not.

    and on a seperate subject. map share. your thoughts good or bad.
    personally ive never updated as when it first came out on TT there was a lot of bad press about morons adding fake updates which totally put me off. are these thoroughly checked by TT before being pushed out to users.
    thanks once again for your advise

  • YamFazMan
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    If you are a infrequent user its better to use 'Turn off Mode'
    Press the off button for a few seconds until the Power menu appears then Tap the Turn off Icon
    An occasional 2 hour Charge would be a good thing... You shouldn't store a Lithium battery in a discharged state

  • DougLap
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    Hi @MrDJ

    Phew. =)

    Re the details on what maps and software you have Tap Menu. scroll right and Tap the ? in a Circle and you can see the current software and maps etc on the unit..

    One tip is when you are doing Updates do them one at a time with Software first followed by Maps then Voices and when you have finished to a Soft Reset . The rest tis a recommendation after all updates and comprises,Turning the unit on then when working hold the ONB/OFF button down until you hear the Drumroll sound then let the button go. This will restart the unit with things sorted out.

    Re mapshares I have never given them that much thought to be honest and I have not heard any particular problems with them other than when they don't download. This is either because they were doing more than one update at a time or it just happens. You will not find on the Unit anywhere that will confirm or not that a mapshare has worked ok.

    The advice from @YamFazMan is very relevant for the health of the battery so try to give it some juice every so often.

  • MrDJ
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    thank you both.
    yes i do check every month and do a full charge. i found out the hard way with the 930 which the battery died after around 3 years. i got it replaced and even though i did charge it every month the new battery died within 6 months so now i just rely on cig lighter in car to keep it running.