How do I correct the location of Wilpena Pound Resort and Visitor Centre

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Today I visited Wilpena Pound in the outback of South Australia. The latest Map and also TomTom MyDrive Planner both have Wilpena Pound Resort and the Wilpena Pound Visitor's Centre shown, but they are seriously in error for the location. The Resort is shown 55km away from its correct location and the Visitor's Centre is shown 16km away from its correct location. Google Maps has both places correctly shown. It would be good to have this fixed up, but I don't know if this forum is the way to do it. I just don't want anyone else to suffer the inconvenience that I suffered today.


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    Hi Brian,

    You can try using TomTom Map Share Reporter (MSR):

    I must admit that I've had limited success reporting updates to TomTom via MSR. For some reason, all of my speed limit changes via MSR have been ignored. However other reports have been actioned.