speed cameras not updated correctly

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Hello. I purchased a navigator about a year ago. Have not used in often as it sits in my wifes car.

The device was sold to me with lifetime maps and speed camera alerts. The maps seem ok on the device but the speed cameras are not updated. I tested this on the way to my companies warehouse some 60 km North of Espoo, Finland. It shows about half of the cameras and on roads with newer cameras less than that.

I am using the map of Europe with Scandinavia buildings 1025.9402

In section omat nopeuskamerat (own speed cameras) I have listed a subscription for 1,5 years)??

There is a also a speed camera subscription ending in 2025 under section omat palvelut.?? (own services)

It seems that there is limited amount of space on the device, could that affect the updating?


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    HI @Peter_67

    You list in your profile the GO6000 which has an internal memory of 8gb. It is recommended that you have a minimum of 400mb of free memory there for operational purposes. You can add add extra memory in the form of a Micro SD class 10 card and I would suggest 16gb or max 32gb is needed as you have about the only Europe map that will just fit on the internal memory. Sandisk, Samsung or similar major makers recommended from a reliable source.

    I would fit the new card then click on the Picture of your map in My Content on MyDrive Connect software. and change the map to the full European . This will have the effect of forcing the Map onto the extra memory.

    Having done that then we could ask @VikramK if he could check your Cameras subs and also allocate a smaller map, maybe Finland, which you can then load onto your unit and will fit on the internal memory. This has the advantage of ensuring you have a map on the internal memory if you have a problem with the map on the extra memory and also you will have more free memory on the internal memory which may help operation of the unit.

    Once you have done all that if you want you could change the Europe map back to Scandanavian buildings if you want as then it will also fit on the extra memory.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am in Australia and having the same issues with Speed Cameras and following the 'MyDrive' instructions, I do not have on my device or computer.
    On my device it just shows 'stop syncing' and on the computer it shows 'update the easy way'. it's becoming frustrating when I know there are fixed speed cameras and my device is not showing it or only 1 or 2 cameras. I have a Go620 purchased only a couple of months ago.
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    I have also issues with Speed Cameras with my Go premium. It just suddenly stopped showing them!