GO 5200 showing screen with red cross and triangle! Recovery with Connect does not help, now what?

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When I turn on the Santav it displays Tomtom on a black background with the drum sounds. Then it shows an earth map in the background and a white line moves along the bottom from left to right. When the line is halfway across the screen, it stops moving, about 10 seconds later the screen goes black, then it shows tomtom on a black background for a couple of seconds then shows the red cross screen, and that is all.
If I then plug in the USB Connect wakes up (Version 4 2 5 3770) and Says Repairing your device. When complete the satnav shows a black tomtom screen with a white bar that goes all the way from left to right, then it starts right back at the beginning. It will do this over and over.

I have tried the Reset to the text screen and then triple click the button, It does more or less the same thing.

The battery level shows 100% on the text screen. I left it doing the recovery loop overnight, no joy.

I dug out my old unsupported 520 and it still works perfectly, so I am not completely without a satnav.



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    Hi @PeterRW

    Unless someone comes up with e solution I think a call to Customer Support is required.

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    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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    hi, did you get this problem sorted? as my 520 is doing exactly the same thing!!
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    No, I was hoping to get a solution without it costing any more money.
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    Hello all - my partners Pro 520d wifi is doing the same thing - cant find receipt and he has not got another sat nav .....Myconnect currently showing 'busy repairing your device....' for the 50th time - then same loop as Peter RW above .....any other ideas kind peeps? ....thank you
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    Some devices have problems with an inserted Memorycard when they recover.
    If you have inserted a memorycard,take it out and try again.
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    After finding proof of purchase and contacting CS I sent it back to Tomtom for repair under warranty, I got this reply from them:
    We have received your defective item(s).
    The service of your defective item(s) is unfortunately not covered by warranty.
    We request that you pay the following fee for the service of your item: € 105.00

    PLEASE NOTE that if the payment is not received within 30 days, your device will be returned with NO SERVICE PERFORMED.
    If you prefer not to accept the out of warranty fee, we would be pleased to present you with a loyalty offer for the purchase of a new device. Our support line will help you further with the purchase.

    After complaing again to CS the repair was performed FOC as originally promised and the unit was returned in working order..

    5 Months later while my car was being repaired I transferred the satnav to the courtesy car (on battery) and it died without warning after about 15 minutes use, When I finally got home after being lost for an hour the dreaded RED X problem is back, and again the restore process failed to restore it. So I ama back at square one.
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