6200 Pro update and traffic issues

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Hi all, I have the 6200 Pro (im a coach driver) for work, i updated it a few months ago and the device failed and said no maps available, after 20 or so resets and installs i finally got it working again.

The EU map update is 9gb and im scared to uodate incase it goes wrong again.

Also, since this update i no longer get realtime traffic updates.

Any help?


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    HI @WJS11

    Have you added any extra memory. If you have not then get a Micro SD Class 10 memory card and put it in the extra memory slot., 16gb or Max32gb recommended, then you will be able to add several maps if you require them. Buy a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major maker from a reliable source.

    If you only have the European map on the unit then the update ,circa 9gb will fit with ease as the internal memory is 16gb and the operating software does not take up a lot of it..

    Now one tip I would give you is to add a small map before you do anything, it does not matter which one I have Venezuela, once loaded leave it there untouched.. If you load this before you do the European update then it will be loaded onto the Internal memory then if somehow you have a problem with any updates you have a map on it so it will be able to start up.

    Once you have updated the map then do a Soft Reset, this is recommended after all updates, ie with the unit working then hold the ON/OFF button down for about 20 seconds until you hear the Drumroll sound then let the button go.

    If after the update and Soft Reset come back here is you still have a problem with the realtime traffic. data or any camera updates. Realtime traffic is updated via the inbuilt mobile sim which connects to the Tomtom servers and get regular situation reports as you drive along..

    Hope this sorts you out