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I have four tomtom 910 sat navs for our fleet of vehicles and they are fantastic, have seen us through thick and thin and beat the pants off the new tomtoms with both the simplicity of use but also the detail in the maps and ability to upload POIs etc. Now with this blasted GPS roll over they have all shown signs of problems since the 6th April, one when we were on the road without warning so we were stuck. So we went to look at new TomToms and they are rubbish compared to the intuitive nature of the 910 so I am anxious to find a solution for the loss of GPS fix . Since the 6th April I have updated them all about 6 times each and where as it helps initially it eventually looses sync with the satellites. Sometimes a hard reboot and deletion of current route help but its not a great fix and we have used these as life savers when out in the wilds of Finland and N America. We cant afford for these to go wrong and to throw away 4 perfectly good SatNavs because of the roll over is just not on. If TomTom cant fix this the nearest solution we can see to the 910 is the Garmin range which arte intuitive and more like the 910 as the maps in the current tomtoms are rubbish with poor colour and detail compared to our 910. So please I know the 910s are not supported but can tomtom or someone find a more permanent solution to the GPS fix as we are going crazy with worry over this.


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    Hi @kevtomtom

    The message on the website says:

    We are working to see if an update is possible. If you arrived at this page through an email we sent, we will contact you at this same address when there is news. Otherwise, please sign up below to stay informed.

    Unfortunately, we are not sure about the exact date. :disappointed: sorry!

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