Where can I buy a TomTom Blue&Me 2 cable to connect to my PC?

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Best Buy comes up empty-handed.


  • ablinat
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    I have a Tomtom 2, Blue&Me also. I have had such a difficult time getting someone who can update this device. I hope you get an answer!
  • lampard
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    Hi @ETBeMe

    Welcome to the Community! We no longer sell USB cable for your Blue&Me device so your only option is to search online on third party sites. It is best to do an online search on "TomTom GO Connect Cable".

    Regards, lampard
  • Unruly
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    I am so fed up with trying to get my Blue&Me updated. I no longer have the original cable, the 1.25 inch long flat connector. The one I purchased doesn't work. When I call TomTom retailer they try and sell me the Mini or Micro USB cord. My TomTom has not Mirco or Mini connection unless I am missing something like a hidden slot. When I went to update I got duped into buying a network protection, then buying maps and now I can't even connect to a $100 device after spending $450 to get it to work. I need it because it is unique to my Fiat. Please help me find a link to the correct usb cable to update this thing!