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CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
Every day I look at the R-Link Store for map updates. The most recent map is v1011. I have bought the 36 months map update service which allegedly entitles me for "Until 12 map updates". As the current TomTom version is 3 versions later, what am I missing for my money? Why don't Renault issue updates as frequently as TomTom? TT advertise that new maps are needed because 15%(?) of roads change every year, Are Renault roads not changing like they do for TomTom?


  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
    R-Link Store says the update service which I have bought issues new maps 12 times in 36 months. When will Renault actually do this? My map is version 1011, already THREE versions old!

  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
    I see that TomTom maps v1030 are about to be released. That'll make my Renault R-Link TomTom map 4 versions old - a year! Is it any wonder that the GO6200 which I run alongside the R-Link is giving me different navigation instructions??? Shouldn't TomTom feel some degree of responsibility for this? I don't who is responsible for the non-issue of up to date maps, but it's certainly not doing TomTom's reputation any good in my opinion.
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
    As I thought, TomTom map v1030 was released yesterday, making my R-Link map v1011 a year out of date!

    The built in satnav function is the best way to provide satellite navigation and at the price it sells on a new vehicle from Renault you'd expect better performance and service than you get on a humble standalone PND. Yet here we are, running on a map which is a year old, whilst at the same time the people who have bought the latest, cheapest TomTom have a better map for fraction of the price!!!

    And trying to get some sort of useful information or comment out of TomTom and Renault is a mug's game - Renault always say I've got the latest map, TomTom say support is from Renault. What a farce! lyddwictg6u8.gif
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
    So now, Renault have completely revised their R-Link Store website, totally different.

    EXCEPT for one thing - there are still no updated maps!!!
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
    Current situation is, I bought the (already out of date) Europe map v 1011 on 25th November 2018. There has been no new map released since then - I check the R-Link Store almost every day!! On 7th April 2019, I bought the map update service, 3 years for £105. There has been no map update since then. For some unknown reason, Renault have changed the date of purchase of the map from 25 November 2018, to the same as that of the map update service, 7th April 2019. My email receipt for the map is dated 25th November 2018.

    No matter what, my map is over a year old, Renault have not issued any map since this one and they have not fulfilled the delivery of Map Update Service - 12 new maps over 36 months - in nearly five months since I bought it. OK, the 36 months are not over by a long chalk, but they now have only 31 months left to issue 12 new maps. I suspect they will actually only release new maps at much longer intervals which will preclude 12 in 36 months - breach of contract? And TomTom are guilty of standing on the sidelines letting it happen to THEIR product.

  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 954 [Revered Pioneer]
    Driving yesterday and today (and will tomorrow) reminds me of a feature of the old v1011 map - it still, of course, has the Severn Bridge (now renamed to Prince of Wales Bridge) as a toll road, so to travel into South Wales from East London, as I shall be doing tomorrow, it will warn me of tolls on the route and ask if I want to include or avoid them.

    If I answer Include, will it perhaps then take me through the congestion charge zone in London? If I Avoid, will it route me to South Wales via Gloucester? Ridiculous!!! The bridge was de-tolled from 1st January 2019 and all other TomTom maps are of course correct, whereas my "latest" Renault TomTom map isn't.

    I drive with the R-Link running alongside a GO6200. They are regularly offering me different routes. If (as both TomTom and Renault assure me their device maps are up to date) they do offer different routes and ETAs, which should I use for best result?
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