TomTom VIA 52 every time i enter the trip, the device sends me via the channel tunnel?

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i am trying to plan a trip on the Tom Tom 52 via 52 to france travelling via portsmouth and saint malo.
every time i enter thr trip the device sends me via the channel tunnel.
can anybody tell me how i set a trip via the places i wish?


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    Hi @Isabell01

    This can be tricky depending where you are starting from in the UK. If I ask it also goes to the tunnel but then I am not that far from it. If I then add stops at the Portsmouth Ferry Terminal then St Malo Ferry Terminal it does not assume I am getting the ferry between the two it it assumes I am crossing to Cherbourg and driving to St Malo.

    You could create a route to your first French destination then go into search again and find the Portsmouth Ferry terminal. Select it then when it shows you it on the map Tap it and then Tap the 3 vertical Dots next to Drive and select Add to Current Route.. Then it will take you to the terminal. When you turn the unit on in St Malo it will recalculate the route to your destination from there.

    The other way is to save your French destinations in My Places. Then set a route to Portsmouth Ferry Terminal. When you are in the queue waiting then select your first French destination. When you get off the ferry in St Malo and it locks onto the Sats it will recalculate the route from there.

    If you are coming back via St Malo Ferry Terminal then don't forget to save that in MyPlaces so you can easily get the route to it when you want to.