RIDER 550 Samsung S10+ no handsfree voice calls??????

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Hi there, ive managed to connect my 550 to my phone and my headset but under the Bluetooth options there isn't an option for handsfree call handling? It displays names when people call and it will read messages fine? Anyone else had this?


  • botheras
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    As a newbie the only way I've found to do it is via Google. You have to click on the phone icon on the 550 screen, and then say "Hey, Google" and then "Call fred"... To be honest it's pretty poor.
  • jyorke
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    I have a Samsung S10e it will learn my phone, but will not connect via bluetooth, my phone claims it is connected but the bluetooth on the rider 550 has not got the status "connected" beside it.
    My headset works fine. Can you let me know if you had done anything to connect differently to your S10?