How can I authenticate to the Great Ocean Road API Backend?

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For my next program I want to be able to upload GPX tracks and OV2 POI’s to MyDrive.
I have chosen to use CURL within my program to do the REST API calls.

For testing I use the command line version of CURL.
TomToms loginpage uses JavaScript but CURL doesn’t support JavaScript. Up till now I have not been able to authenticate using CURL and get an authentication Cookie.

When I export my session Cookie from my Chrome session I am able to communicate with MyDrive’s Great Ocean Road API Backend.
For example Curl.exe --cookie cookies.txt -X GET --header "Accept: application/json" ""
Works and shows the uploaded tracks when cookies.txt is the exported Chrome session Cookie.

I expect that the REST API uses a different login procedure where I also have to use my API key. But I can’t find any documentation.