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New TomTom GO Navigation App (iOS)



  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 102 [Revered Navigator]
    This went through beta testing and nobody mentioned the obvious car play deficiencies. Perhaps you need to find more competent beta testers like people who’ve actually used your pproducts
  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 317 [Supreme Pioneer]
    Hi @Palferman,

    I wasn’t involved with the CarPlay beta, however based on my own experience of TomTom as being a long term customer and user of their products, I suspect that it’s quite probable that the beta testers may well have informed TomTom about the issues but TomTom for reasons known only to themselves have chosen to release a substandard version.

    Perhaps an actual beta tester would let us know?

  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 102 [Revered Navigator]
    Hi @PrivateerUK
    I think you’re probably right. Like you been a long term user (think my first one was the Start) and seem to remember that when I got my 5000 just after it had been released, after beta testing obviously! It wasn’t that good and basically the users through these forums reported them back and in the end Tom Tom made the changes. It took quite a while though. Hopefully the same will happen with this app.
  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 102 [Revered Navigator]
    The main reason for me with this new app was to run it in CarPlay so I could just plug my phone in,hide it in the storage space and access it through the screen in the car. Unfortunately the most important part of the tomtom app ie the route/ traffic bar is missing. So I decided to run my 5000 alongside it so I can see the traffic bar on the 5000 and then check if the app was giving me the correct info and routing regarding the delays up ahead. Sod’s law dictates that up until now I’ve not had any delays but I have noticed that when I input the same destination (from my places) I get different routing on the the app compared with my trusty GO5000, anyone else noticed this
  • StuBFrostStuBFrost Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    As someone who was involved in the beta test I can assure you that the deficiencies and issues were mentioned numerous times and I am surprised that it was still released in the state it is in.
  • bruceybrucey Posts: 165 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    edited June 9
    In reply to Palferman I ran my 6200 against the app Thursday morning (before I updated the 6200 maps to v1030) and the route was slightly different from Nottingham to Runcorn.

    Minor difference with app wanting to take me onto M6 J16 at Stoke and 6200 at J15.

    I will run the app for the next few weeks but unless traffic delay is visible on main screen via CarPlay I won’t be extending trial.

    No surprise I guess too that TT ignored the beta feedback! I would imagine that in 5 years the PND will be virtually dead and all sat nav will be inbuilt or as an app but lose your customers and it’s very difficult to get them back again especially with free apps like google and waze.

  • DrMickeyLauerDrMickeyLauer Posts: 4 [New Traveler]
    Ok, so 2.0 is out… is an URL Scheme builtin or still not?
    Cheers, Mickey.
  • rnyholmrnyholm Posts: 7 [Master Traveler]
    Now the latest new version is available. I'm downloading the maps.
  • PalfermanPalferman Posts: 102 [Revered Navigator]
    Thanks StuBFrost for your candid comments regarding the beta testing
    You obviously fedback these issues as did a number of other testers.
    And equally obviously tomtom ignored them as usual
  • helder11helder11 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I am a new tomtom go subscriber, just subscribed because of CarPlay but I’m disappointed in 3 points.

    On CarPlay I can’t understand why you don’t have an address search function, every single gps app on CarPlay have.

    The iOS app is too slow on my iPhone XS Max, because of animations, how can I disable this animations between menus? It’s the slowest app on this category , even copilot and sygic are smoother and fast.

    The navigation mode is too white on CarPlay, not great like iOS app, only Waze have the same colors and interface on iOS app and CarPlay.
  • DarrenjugginsDarrenjuggins Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    edited June 18

    After being DM'd about mentioned something about the Beta, I will Not confirm or deny I was a Beta Tester....

    Rest assured I love Car Play and Love Tom Tom.... I've been with them since the Tom Tom 700 was released at around £600... I've gone through the several other models and currently have the 5100 and 620 for my vehicles....

    So I know what I like and knew what I wanted from the Car Play Version of the Iphone App...

    Unfortunately some of the short comings are from the restrictions Apple place on Third parties using Car Play.

    The lack of the Speedo on the screen, is something I've only seen overcome by Sygic, BUT and this is a big but it's laggy, so the GPS speedo takes time to show your exact speed when accelerating, so this is possibly the reason no other Car Play sat nav offers this ?

    As for the right hand progress bar, this just can't be done with the current Car Play configuration, possibly it may be solved with the Car Play update coming with IOS 13, but we shall have to wait and see....

    Running the Car Play App vs the 620 and 5100, I must say in terms of speed and timing of instructions, they are almost identical, but I do miss the average speed zone av speed and progress bar for traffic, which is sadly lacking on the Car Play Screen...

    Don't get me started on the sheer lack of being able to enter a destination via the touch screen of the car (OMG... I thought this would have been fixed / amended in release version, but alas no..)

    I can only suspect, that if it didn't get released prior to the software upgrades of IOS and Android becoming imminent, that it wouldn't have been released for at least another 6 months after re-coding... so for now, we have what we have and can but look forward to an evolution in updates to come....

  • ianj7777ianj7777 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hi All

    So I have just returned from holiday in California, I discovered on day 2 that the Buick Enclave I rented had CarPlay & duly plugged in & used the Go app from my iPhone.

    All went very smoothly apart from one crash, the US maps were accurate & the routing was good, I didn’t really find an issue with not being able to search for destinations whilst using the app via CarPlay as I could search & select them all prior to each journey, just needs a bit of planning.

    Having used Waze via CarPlay in the UK the search feature whilst driving is useful but it does take concentration away from driving for sure, not always a good idea with our busy roads.

    I would say the traffic bar is a feature that is more useful though if they can add it as that is definitely of use, we did get delayed around LA (as usual) & had no idea how long the delay was, we did get an optional route to select though with a time saving.

    I did also suffer one app crash due to a delay as when I reconnected the arrival time had changed considerably so not sure if this was CarPlay or the app itself.

    I also used it for the drive to Heathrow in my Audi with CarPlay, again very good experience with lanes guidance & final directions to the hotel at T5 being exactly right which Waze normally gets wrong.

    Speed cameras worked in the UK & US, maybe not quite as good as Waze here as no input from other users, same with possible obstructions like parked vehicles on the roadside etc.

    Going forwards I’d likely use Waze in the UK as data is not an issue & Go in the US so I don’t spend a fortune on data.

    Overall pretty pleased with the new version, worth renewing as it’s much cheaper than paying for Satnav from a rental Company.

    Back in the US in November in Texas, New Mexico & Arizona so see how it goes then, I have to renew subscription soon after 3 years free for moving over from the old TomTom app, that was a good deal!

    Hope this is of use to interested parties.

  • shaxdogmanshaxdogman Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    V2.0 - not too bad IMO. Few things need to be tidied up to get back to where the previous version was - for example, when offering an alternate route the map zoom right out to show the whole of the UK, when it should zoom into the alternate route. Also, when using the app for the second time - say a few hours later - traffic doesnt load. Waiting does not help; closing & restarting the app fixes it. Some routing has changed too around my estate roads. Re-routing when a tolll road is involved before & after asks again, when its already been accepted. Dont use car play, as I like the side bar for traffic warnings. Thanks
  • JohnHibbertJohnHibbert Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Is it possible in the next update to revert back to being able to download full maps ie. all of the UK or all of Europe as well as individual countries or areas. It’s a pain to download especially when you travelling through Europe.
  • AinsAins Posts: 25 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Been using the new app since release - TBH I'd given up on the old version due to the lag and had been using Google Maps for a while which is pretty good these days but still isn't as accurate as you need for speed cameras etc.

    The new version is better and the lag issue is largely gone. Search isn't as clever as GMs (it never was) but my biggest issue is still the re-routing.

    Does anyone know how it decides to offer to re-route you? I rarely want to be offered a re-route for anything under, say 5 minutes but, unlike some of the competition, can't choose this delay time. It would be less of an issue if the re-routing overlay was clearer but it's still too small. The re-routing on GMs is much better and much clearer and although you can't set the delay time, it rarely offers to re-route for anything except significant delays.
  • AinsAins Posts: 25 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Oh and the ability to tell it that speed cameras have been removed without going online later which, let's face it, virtually no one will do.
  • rnyholmrnyholm Posts: 7 [Master Traveler]
    I cannot get voice guidance
  • Gavsta64Gavsta64 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    Does anyone actually see the speed cameras on the map display when using CarPlay?
  • ianj7777ianj7777 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I think it came up as a red symbol on the map & made a warning noise when I was in the US if that helps
  • Gavsta64Gavsta64 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    ianj7777 wrote: »
    I think it came up as a red symbol on the map & made a warning noise when I was in the US if that helps

    Thanks, I've changed a couple of settings since I last tried driving past a known camera using CarPlay (just the "Warning Type" to "Read Aloud" ) which I'm not convinced will fix the cameras showing on the map and also I've tried power off/on cycle on my iPhone as suggested by one of the other users so I'll let you know if that changes anything...
  • Gavsta64Gavsta64 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @Gavsta64

    Just got back from a trip and whilst using CarPlay there were Speed Cameras Icons visible alongside the Road display as well as the verbal announcements as I approached them

    I had the images and announcements for the following:-

    Fixed Cameras
    Average Speed cameras
    Speed Cameras Hotspots

    Also whilst travelling to a place I had found via Search for a POI as I got close to the destination the Blue Square top right of the display gave the Name of the POI'ed place along with the address, a countdown to the place and an indication of the side of the road it was on.


    Hi Doug,
    That is very encouraging. Maybe it's just a question of tweaking the settings to make the cameras appear on the map display then. Also I've done a power cycle on my iPhone but I've not had chance to drive past a camera yet... will try later
    Appreciate your reply and clear answer.

  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 2,940 Superuser
    Hi @Gavsta64

    Have you got your Data yurned on whilst using Tomtom?

  • Gavsta64Gavsta64 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    DougLap wrote: »
    Hi @Gavsta64

    Have you got your Data yurned on whilst using Tomtom?


    Hi Doug,
    Yes I have and today it seems to be working as it should do. I guess it's either the phone being power cycled or changing the warning type to "Read Aloud" that made it work because those are the only two differences since it wasn't working before.

    So thank you very much for your valuable support Doug. I'm very happy that the speed camera thing is working as I wanted an app with offline maps and reliable speed camera alerts (like my old TT Go device).

  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 2,940 Superuser
    Hi @Gavsta64

    If you have the Tomtom Navigator App working either connected to CarPlay or not and you have no route set as you drive along it will advise you of the cameras along your route as it would if it was directing you.

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