No UK on south europe map

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i used to have all EUROPE, including Spain, Portugal, Canaries, & UK. Since the update, ican't access a map with the above regions on


  • dhn
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    Call support to add appropriate map to your account:

    United Kingdom
    02079 490 132
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    What device do you have? You may need to add a 16 gb SanDisk (or other reliable brand) class 10 to your device to handle map expansion.
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    HI @denniecameron

    Looks like you have loaded a map zone instead of the whole Europe Map. There is a Map Zone with the UK but then other countries will be missing.

    Mapzones are the European Map split into smaller areas for units with Insufficient memory to load the full map. You can load all the areas to your PC then you can change the area on your unit without the need to connect to the internet and the TT servers.

    The suggestion to add the Extra memory 16gb or max 32gb Micro SD class 10 card is probably the way to go if you have an Extra memory slot.