MyDrive App differs from the browser version

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MyDrive does not allow me to manage the VIA 52. The browser version does. Also the mileage listed on the destinations is way out.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @jonel

    The MyDrive app does not have all the functionality of the PC version.

    Regarding the Distances you mentioned when you first see a destination the distances shown are the distance from your current position to the destination in a straight line. Once you create a route to it then it is the distance you need to travel to that destination.

  • jonel
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    Thank you for the informative reply. I am rather disappointed by the distances measured this way. The Home 2 based it on whether fastest or shortest was selected and was a great estimate.
    I now understand the difference between MyDrive and MyDrive Connect. So the former is browser based only?

    Thank you.