Problems with traffic info on Tomtom Go Android APP on ATOTO A6 2DIN Car infotainment

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I'm using Tomtom GO Android App on Atoto A6 radio. Everything is working fine but the traffic info are not.
Device is succesfully connected to the internet via Wifi and via 3g Dongle (Compatible Huawei USB pen).
Every App on the device is connected, also Tomtom Cloud is always perfectly connecting, also syncronization with MyDrive is ok.
The traffic info are not. I always have to reboot the system and activate wifi or 3g from scratch to see traffic info succesfully on the device. But if I do smething else like open some other App (like music or radio) and come back to TT App the connection of the traffic channel is gone (stands with an "x" and getting no info). TT Cloud still works properly and recognize my account, but traffic info is OFF..
The only way to have traffic info working and connected again is to reboot the system or sometimes at least to reboot the connection (off-on, both via wifi and via 3g). But this is not working every time.
Seems TT traffic is using a kind of "second internet channel" wich is not the principal used by TT CLoud and all other apps, that is always working very good).
There is no trace of someone else using TT on Atoto device on your web site... Can you please help me understand? Cause I've paid my subscription for traffic info and I bought the device to have TT on it, and it simply does not work properly, and this is really ennoing. If TT does not solve this problem I think I should get another connected app working properly for navigation, even if I'm a TT customer since 2003.
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    Even on my device the traffic info almost never works. I have an ATOTO A6 PRO with Android 6.0 I tried to reset the device and reinstalled the application but I didn't solve it.
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