How to contact Tomtom? My delivery address is wrong :(

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I'm trying desperately to find an email address to contact Tomtom, but it seems such thing doesn't exist on their web page. I recently bought a Tomtom Essential online, at the Tomtom site, and it's scheduled to be delivered by UPS this Friday, the 3rd of May. BUT I wasn't prompted to confirm the delivery address as I was proceeding to checkout, so my new Tomtom will be delivered to an old address, to which I have no access whatsoever.
I tried changing the delivery address on the UPS site, but that isn’t possible either. Does anybody know how to fix this prior to UPS making the attempted delivery? Or should I just wait to be contacted by UPS after they fail to deliver my equipment? I'm realy afraid that my new Tomtom will be lost somehow.
PS - I live in Portugal

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    Hi @Catia_Mendes

    Try to contact TomTom Customer Support quickly:
    De Segunda a Sexta: das 08.00 às 16.30

    There is no direct email but connected to your TomTom user account (email + password) with this link you can contact the customer service of Portugal:

  • Catia_Mendes
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    Thank you so much! I don't know what happened, I had seen this number before, but I couldn't locate it anywhere today! Gonna call them right now!