Rider 550 keeps asking to go back to the place where you left the track BUG

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In other fora I did read the reintroduced "Rider 550 keeps asking to go back to the place where you left the track BUG" was solved in the latest firmware.

Last week I was driving in the German Eifel. Every trip we had multiple detours. And most of the times the Rider keeps trying to let me turn and go back to the roadblock. Even after reentering the track in most cases the Rider asked me to enter the track in the wrong direction to go back to the roadblock over the track in reverse order.

So If you ask me the BUG is still alive an kicking. Can we expect a Fix in the next Firmware?


Green = Original Track Red = Driven track


Lucky for me I used my POI track overlay to see en find the original track.


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    Personally I think an option to report a roadblock on the navigation screen is the easiest solution to get proper navigation instructions when there is a roadblock on your track.

    If the report speed trap button becomes a general report button. After a Report add a menu;
    1. Report Mobile Speed Trap
    2. Report permanent Safety camera / average speed cameras
    3. Report temporary roadblock
    4. Report permanent roadblock / map error

    When option 3 or 4 is selected place a roadblock on the map 50 meters from the point where are or left the track. Let the Rider recalculate to the nearest point to enter the remaining track. And report back to Tele Atlas to update the map when multiple people do the same report.
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    Not sure how you are planning your routes if using TYRE or myrouteapp , save the routes as a GXP1.1 you will get two copies of the trip when imported to your tomtom
    use the route version not the track if you use a track the tomtom will keep taking you back if you use the route option then eventually it will shut up and send you on the right way. The track uses hundreds of waypoint markers to make sure you follow the exact course. Route usually should be only be the waypoints you mark so it can recalculate is you miss one
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    (Sorry for my late answer it was a very busy week)
    It doesn't matter if you upload Tracks or Routes with MyDrive it will always be a Track on the device.

    The only way to load routes is with a USB cable or SD-card. (and BT for NAV4)
    And for routes I prefer the ITN format.

    In the past and on the road I use routes on my Rider but for me Track work better even with this bug. (I also use my POI Track overlay)

    Its because I use my POI Track Overlay and a second navigation screen the bug becomes so visible for me.

    If TomTom allowed us to downgrade the firmware two software versions back in time the problem is solved.

    A Dutch reseller told me TomTom already planned to fix this bug but it was cancelled because the found new problems. So, I hope it will be solved again in the next Firmware update.
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    This has nothing to do with type of gpx files or in what program one is creating the TRACK. A track is a track and TT's interpretation of the track and how to follow it up after a detour is the question here.
    1. Always (or at user's choice) show original track on the screen, next to route, so you know where it is.
    2. If one is coming back ON the track, do send us to the NEXT UPCOMING track-point.

    Greetings, Marten
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    Good news.

    This bug is solved in firmware 19.101 for the Rider 550.
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    I am back from vacation in the German Eifel. And tested both cases from where I started this topic with.
    But sadly for this cases there was not much improvement.

    After My test in the Netherlands all seemed much better but when the distances for alternative routes are longer you still get comparable problems.