After WNRO TomTom Go 930 is not working

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I have a TomTom Go 930 GPS. I received an e-mail from TomTom asking me to perform a one time update due to the upcoming WNRO on 6 April 2019, because they said that the performance of my device will be impacted.

I could not do the update before the 6th of April 2019 and, unfortunately, indeed my device is impacted. It stopped working completely. Now I cannot use my GPS at all, because it sends me an error message stating that I cannot use my maps and the version number of the map. It happens when I try to choose from my "Europe" or the "USA-Canada" maps to start my device. Both map choice scenarios give me the same error message and I cannot go further with my device settings.

I need to mention that I did not see that specific update which was mentioned in the instruction link from the e-mail of TomTom. Also when I check my device's sat nav status with the serial number on the TomTom website (, it says that:

Your satnav’s status

After 6 April 2019, your satnav will not be able to navigate. Fortunately, this is easily fixed with an update we have ready for you below.

However, when I choose to upgrade now and I connect my device to TomTom Home, I do not see a "new application", which is mentioned in step 5 here:

Could you please help me? I would love to use my device. Before the WNRO event, it was working fine.

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    VikramK wrote: »
    Hi @Lavillette

    I think I have responded to your already on a different topic.

    Just remove the existing maps first using TomTom HOME first and then install a fresh version which gets offered for download.


    Hello VikramK,

    Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. In the end, it worked and my GPS works again. Thank you very much! :) Could you please tell me how I can mark my query answered? Thank you.