How good is tomtom premium x

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Having bought a Tomtom Go 6200 WiFi almost 2 years ago,it has been replaced with new or reconditioned units SIX TIMES yes SIX TIMES.
There have been two main problems.
1. Very poor phone clarity/volume.
2. Unit at any time on a journey,unprompted map disappears and a screen comes up asking for verbal requests.
So after these two warranted years and six units,Tomtom have not cured the faults as other users have reported.
Why would anyone want the new 2019 sat navigation,which supposedly still has the faulty internals!
Surprisingly everything else is good!


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    I can't comment on (1) as I've never used the hands-free option.

    With regards to (2), there's a good chance it's responding to what it thinks is the wake-up phrase. I used to get this all the time with the radio on, probably because I mainly listen to Radio 4 in the car (which is predominately speech).

    If this is the case then you've two options - either change the wake-up phrase to something a bit more obscure (link), or turn it off completely (link) - which is what I did.