STicking during update process START 25

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Today I tried to update my START 25 after several years. I did it with my notebook running Windows 10 Home. I downloaded and installed the actual MyDirveCOnnect. There were a lot of updates to load. The first one needed about 1h20' with full DSL speed. The second one keeps sticking on a very low data rate. the time and progression bar does not proceed after the first 4%. What can I do to continue ?
thanks for any help


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    Hi @Dr.Mabuse

    Welcome to the Forum! I've made some changes in the back-end on your device to resume the download on your device and to apply these changes, please connect your device to the computer by making a soft reset and follow the steps in the public AFQ here: Re-downloading a map

    Regards, lampard
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    Thanks. I got my TomTom updated after absolving the reset procedure but the GPS error keeps on.

    The service told me that the navi defect could not get repaired because its more than 3 years old. Instead they offered me 25% bonus if I buy a new one with "lifelong update included". What does that mean if the lifetime is less than 5 years ?
    This is a perfect example for planned obsolescence and not a sign of good consumer practice.

    see her what the support wrote:
    Laut Fachabteilung muss Ihr Navi in die Reparatur, da Ihr Gerät aber mehr als 3 Jahre alt ist , können wir es leider nicht reparieren lassen, ich möchte Ihnen aber jedoch folgendes Angebot machen, als Dank für Ihre Treue: Auf jedes neue Navigationsgerät (außer NIKE Sport Watch), welches auf unserer Webseite zum Verkauf angeboten wird, können wir Ihnen 25%, Rabatt einräumen.

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    Hi @Dr.Mabuse

    You have mentioned GPS problems. If this is that it it is not connecting to sats try the following. It may never connect indoors.

    Check if there are any updates for it and if so download.

    Now charge the unit fully for about 2 hours then take the unit outside well away from buildings and trees so it has a clear view of the sky.

    Now do a soft Reset. Ie Turn the unit on and when working hold the ON/OFF button down until you hear the Drumroll sound then let button go. The unit will now boot up again.

    Now create a route on it and when it is as you would have it ready to drive off then leave it in the open for as much as 30 minutes or more to see if it locks onto the sats.

    All the best