TomTom Traffic expired from my GO 620 advertised as having "Lifetime TomTom Traffic".

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My TomTom Traffic menu says "Your subscription expired . . ." and "Purchase a subscription to reactivate Traffic information updated. This cannot be true. I still have a copy of the advertisement showing that my model comes with a lifetime TomTom Traffic. False advertising? Bait and switch? How can a service described as "Lifetime" expire?


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    Hi @DirtRoadsRule

    It will be a problem with the a setting in you account at Tomtom which happens occasionally. I have flagged this to @VikramK and so keep an eye out here and he will advise if he has sorted it. It will not be until Monday.

    If you don't hear from him on Monday then contact Customer Support and they will sort it for you at their end.

    Looking at the time now you can still ring them today can't you.

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