My new Rider 550 won't share tracks to the micro SD card

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Hi, I'm new here and I've recently purchased a Rider 550. I've created some routes via MyDrive Route Planner and saved these as tracks on my device, but the device will not share them to my micro SD card (Sandisk 32Gb microSDHC UHS-I). The card has been formatted by the device and is recognised by it, but whenever I try to share tracks to the card I get this message - "Insert different memory card, remove the card used to store maps and voices and insert a memory card with enough free space"
The card has 31.84GB of free space after formatting which is more than enough to share the tracks to. This also happened with a Samsung 16Gb card and again with the Sandisk 32Gb card after a device reset had been performed.
Any help / advice will be gratefully received, thank you

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    Thank you Doug, that's sorted it. I have re-formatted the 16Gb card in my PC and I've now managed to share tracks to the card, success :-) On a down side, I've just broke the brand new 32Gb card after it got stuck in an adaptor :-( Oh well, main issue resolved, thanks again
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    HI @Steve_W

    Glad and sorry to hear you are okay but poorer. =):'(