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I have a TomTom Live and have replaced it 3 times, it had great POI's on the screen (ie Doctors, Police, Scenic views etc). I was told that due to the 3g network being turned off I could no longer get map updates or traffic etc and they recommended that I update to a 620 at a one off low price which I did. I cannot find these POI's on the new device and the unhelpful help centre doesn't seem to understand what I am asking for WHAT I HAD BEFORE. Some say that I need to download a ov2 file but I can't find one and then the supervisor said that it is not possible on the new device, so that it seems I have paid for a downgrade. NOT HAPPY


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    Hi @ML62

    You can import 3rd Party POI files see the following.


    Now ii you want to find Police then:-

    Tap menu
    Tap Search or Drive to
    Type Police in the Space at the top for the address
    The Nearest police will be at the top of the Right hand column. If you tap the Blue keyboard icon bottom right then the Keyboard disappears and you have the nearest 3 or 4 Police facilities but if you scroll down you will see loads more as the distance from where you are increases.

    You can also get results for Doctor and if you type Scenic then the first option top Right is Scenic/Panoramic Views. If you tap that you get a list of them all at increasing distances form where you are.

    If durinthe search process you change the Whole Map icon top Right you can get the results for the range of options you can change the search to, eg In a Town..