RIDER 550 Sharing routes while on trip

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4 of us have TomTom Rider 550's, and are going on trip together in July.
How can we share routes while on trip?


  • raesewell
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    You cannot share "Routes" however you can share "Tracks" Routes are .itn files and Tracks are .gpx files. You can put .itn files on an SD card and import the routes from it.
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    Hi @skollie

    This may help if you have a PC with you on your trip.

    One thing to remember is that you need the map that is relevant to the Tracks you want to Share on the internal memory of your Rider.


    If you have not got a PC with you then you go to My Routes on the Rider and Share the tracks. You need to have a Micro SD card which you can insert into your Rider when asked for and copy the Tracks to that . You then can give your colleagues the card to up load to their units. The card does not have to be a very big capacity as Tracks .gpx files are small..

  • BartVenneker
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    It is very annoying that you can create a route on the device but not share it with others during a trip. If I create a route and save it to my routes, why can’t I share it?

    If the answer is: because you can only share tracks, then why can’t I save my current route as a track?

    This is a big limitation.
    Does anybody know a workaround?
  • ChrisHall
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    I use MyRoute-app to create routes and share them with others. It is a pain that routes can't be shared directly to other Riders

    I mean, how hard can it be???