Showing POIs and waypoint markers on a route

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I have a Rider 500 and I make routes using MyRoute-app. Is it possible to show the POIs that I add onto the MRA route and also the waypoint markers. Garmin users can see the POIs added to a MRA route and my old Rider 2013 that used .itn files on an itinerary route would show the waypoints. I found this very useful and am disappointed that this feature is not available on the latest Riders.


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    You can use Save as .OV2 to export the POI's in MRA.

    Then use MyDrive and goto MyPlaces - Poi Files and Import the OV2 file.

    On the Rider you can display your POIs on the map with a icon. Go to Settings in the main menu on your device, tap Appearance then Show POI lists on map and select a POI category and icon.

    You can not use your own icons.
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    Thanks RoadRider. I have the solution now: You choose 'Save as' in MRA and choose TomTom MyDrive (beta). Then save as .gpx and repeat and save as .Ov2. This adds both to the cloud and the device. You then choose on your device: settings, appearance, show POIs and then select the pois to add. The device then needs switching off to load them.
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    Note that GPX is treated as a track by TomTom, not as route.